Fitspo Friday

A lot of people have learned about Olympic weightlifting due to joining a CrossFit box. I knew about the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk, but not to the extent that I do now.

And come Olympics time, I’ve tried to find when Americans have been lifting. Unfortunately, the US didn’t have a lot of representatives in Rio, but Sarah Robles did come home with one medal.

The next great American weightlifter is my pick for this week’s Fitspo Friday.

CJ Cummings isn’t even out of high school yet. But, he already holds American records in the C&J and Total for a 69 kg lifter. Not the junior American record, the senior American record.

Did I mention he’s only 16 years old?

The Athlete Daily had a nice profile on CJ lately and he has recently been the primary weightlifting sponsor for Reebok who is using CJ as the face to sell their soon to be released Legacy Lifter weightlifting shoe.

CBS News even did a profile on the kid that some have called the LeBron James of American weightlifting.

Lots of things can happen to child sports prodigies, but CJ seems to be on a great path that his family and coaches have guided him along.

As he matures, it will be interesting to see how far CJ can go on the international platform. As weightlifting becomes more and more popular, I would expect the interest in CJ, and other American weightlifters, to increase even more.

There was a set back earlier in the year when the Olympic Training Center ended it’s residency program for USA Weightlifting athletes. But, there are weightlifting clubs around the country that are growing and trying to fill that gap.

Hopefully, CJ is able to bring home Olympic gold one day. If so, I will be rooting him on.


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