A six pack of good articles

I have been running around a lot today on my day off between coaching hockey and going grocery shopping and then I had to cook a lot of ground turkey and ground beef.

So, I’m tired and my brain isn’t firing on all cylinders right now. So, I’m going to go through some really solid articles I found today.

If you need some tips on barbell cycling, then Breaking Muscle has you covered. This is staged as an article for 2017 CrossFit Games Open prep, but it is good advice for anyone that does CrossFit as you will frequently see workouts that call for barbell cycling.

Vince McConnell has a long read on what he calls the best training program out there. It is chock full of some really good advice and talks about the art of program design and a boatload of other things.

Wes Piatt did a video on six things you can do to improve your recovery for Pure Pharma. Getting more water is definitely something I could stand to do. But, coffee tastes so good….

Breaking Muscle has an article about avoiding the biggest weight loss mistake. It was a really interesting article and it sounds like it is pointing towards IF as a good approach to take because it reduces the number of times you feed. And the logic is that if you reduce the number of times you feed, you reduce the chances you have to make poor food choices.

I never really looked at IF like that…

CrossFit Invictus has a blog post about warming up your shoulders. I try and do Crossover Symmetry work every time I go to the gym for a lot of the reasons mentioned in the post.

The Athlete Daily has a post about Brute Strength co-founder Michael Cazayoux and his battle to overcome a heroin addiction. Success stories like this are always inspiring to read.

And as an extra bit, just do yourself a favor and subscribe to the Built by Bergeron YouTube channel.


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